About Us

Thank you for your interest in Auke Bay Station condominiums.  Auke Bay Station condominiums are being developed by PK2M, LLC (“PK2M”).   PK2M is owned by five partners: Fred Pollard, Sue Miller, Terry Miller, Heather Skaife and Pat Kemp.  All five are long time Juneau residents who have many years of experience building projects in Southeast Alaska.

The general contractor for the project is Pollard Construction, owned and operated by Fred Pollard.  Pollard Construction has been a general contractor in Juneau for over forty years and has constructed numerous buildings such as Vintage Park, Park Place subdivision and the recently completed Cannery Cove Condominiums.  Sue, Heather and Terry are principals in Miller Construction which has also been in business for over forty years.  They will be constructing the subdivision, building roads, installing water lines, paving, etc. They have constructed countless projects throughout Southeast, Alaska, including the Statter Harbor project, which will be in the view plane of our housing units.

Pat Kemp is a professional engineer and has been in practice over thirty five years.  Pat has designed the subdivision and will be the project manager for PK2M during construction.

PK2M is set to begin development of the first phase of the Auke Bay Station condominiums this spring.  The first phase includes the construction of eight of seventeen units along the north property line of Lot 1.  These units cater to buyers who have large boats or need the extra storage the units provide, while simultaneously providing an exceptional view of Auke Bay.

We’re looking forward to a robust construction season this year and think our company is filling a demand in Juneau with ample dry storage, an elevator alternative, flexibility in use, and stunning views of Auke Bay.  There are few opportunities like this available in Juneau, and our entire team is excited to help you design and build your new home.


Pat Kemp, P.E., Project Manager