What heating system will be used to heat my new home?

Heat pump.  Heat pumps are more efficient at heating a home, which means you will save on energy costs.  Additionally, heat pumps are environmentally friendly, as they do not burn fossil fuels.

Will the units be built with added sound proofing?

Auke Bay Station condominiums have been designed as town home style residences.  In other words, you will not have a neighbor above or below, which will dramatically improve noise transmission between units.  Additionally, we have elected to exceed the industry required minimum (STC rating) for condominium developments, and build your new homes with added insulation. 

What type of material will be used for the driveways and roadways?


Can I pick what kind of flooring, appliances, cabinetry etc. will go into my new home?


When can I expect my new home to be built?

It will depend on a variety of factors, including when you decide to purchase your new home. However, the initial planned occupancy for Phase 1 is for Summer 2018.

Can I have an elevator installed in my new home?

Yes, home owners have the option to install an elevator in their unit at an additional cost. 

Will my new home have a deck?


Will my home have enough space to park a boat?

Due to the demand for boat parking, phase 1 of the development has been designed to accommodate boat parking with a boat condo for average pleasure boats.  Please see Floor Plans for more information.

Do I need to get a construction loan before I can begin the purchase of my new home?

No, Auke Bay Station condominiums will finance the development of your home to completion.

Will there be any up-front financial cost to me?

The only up-front cost to you will be a promise to purchase your new home, secured by earnest money.

Questions Regarding  Phase 1 Plans:

Will all or a portion of my boat fit underneath the mezzanine?

As designed, there is 10 feet 9 inches of distance between the floor of the garage to the bottom of the mezzanine, and the mezzanine extends 20 feet from the rear of the unit.  Additionally, adjustments can be made to accommodate most bigger boats.

What is the width of the garage after subtracting for the stairwell?

22 feet.

What is the distance from the garage floor to the bottom of the top floor?

20 feet.

What if I don’t want a unit with a mezzanine, want a bigger mezzanine, or want a smaller mezzanine?

The size of the mezzanine can be adjusted if it necessary to meet the needs of the buyer.

What are the heights of the ceilings on the mezzanine floor and top floor? 

As designed, the heights of the ceiling on the mezzanine level and top floor are 9 feet.